Koh Khram Island is arguably the most beautiful island in all the Pattaya Archipelago with its white sandy beaches, clear waters and picturesque coves. Koh Khram is a Navy owned deserted island and access to its surrounding waters are restricted and at certain times of the year totally forbidden due to Navy exercises or Sea Turtle mating season.

Koh Khram is a large island with plentiful coves of unbelievable beauty, serenity and diversity. Although direct beach access is forbidden, the amazing diversity of the coves, beaches and inlets means a cruise around the island is simply magical. Nearly all the beaches are blessed with amazing white soft powdery sand. There are huge limestone drop offs to the south of the island reminiscent of Phuket’s fabulous Phang Nga bay. The waters are crystal clear all the way around the Island right through to its sister Island Koh Khram Noi located just a few hundred meters North of Koh Khram. The Island’s waters are literally brimming with marine life and coral reefs offering exquisite snorkelling. The plentiful marine life often makes fishing just off the coast a very pleasurable experience indeed.

The nearby Monkey Island is full with native monkeys who are always happy to greet any guests that arrive upon its rocky shores. Opposite Koh Khram Island is Sai Kaew Navy beach which makes for a perfect stop off for lunch and a little sea KAYAKING.

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